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Knee Deep in June

That's the title of a well-known poem by American poet James Whitcomb Riley (1849-1916). And we are, of course, knee deep in June! Here are a few lines from one of the verses. Fitting lines for inclusion in a bird blog.

Mr. Bluejay, full o’ sass,            
In them base-ball clothes o’ his,    
Sportin’ ’round the orchard jes’    
Like he owned the premises!

Hopefully some of you are smiling as you're all too familiar with 'Mr. Bluejay' and his antics.

I read the following recently in the April 2018 issue of Outdoor Photographer. "Timing is everything. As Ansel Adams said, 'Sometimes I arrive just when God's ready to have someone click the shutter'". The other day I pulled up and parked at the end of Inland Rd. It wasn't all that long after dawn. I love shooting at dawn. I hauled out my Canon 1D X and attached 500mm f/4 II lens and turned the camera on. I waited for maybe a minute. Usually I have to wait much longer. In the distance, I spotted a Great Egret as it lazily, but purposefully, flew along the riverbank and directly toward me. It got closer, and larger. And I was ready, and pumped. Timing IS everything. I picked up my gear, double checked my settings, and carefully aimed the lens. It appeared that God was ready to have someone click the shutter. Well I was ready, clicked mine, and fired away. And here's the result. 

Here are a few more Great Egret and Osprey photos from that early morning shoot. There's a short egret flight sequence, followed by a short Osprey hunting sequence, and a photo of the 2 rapidly growing Osprey nestlings on the now-famous Elizabeth River Channel Marker #38.


And finally, here are a few more lines from "Knee Deep in June":

In betwixt the beautiful    
Clouds o’ gold and white and blue!—    
Month a man kin railly love—            
June, you know, I ’m talkin’ of!


I'll admit I got a little choked up reading your kind words: 'Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.' Thank you. My pleasure. And happy to have you as a reader!

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