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President's Budget Would Make River Restoration Falter

March 28, 2017


Dear Elizabeth River Supporters,

If you appreciate the Lafayette branch of the Elizabeth coming back to life, if your kids or grandkids like our Learning Barge, if you're cheering our efforts on the Eastern Branch -- then please urge your Congress members to sustain funding for the federal programs that have made Elizabeth River Project's work possible in all these areas.

When you hear that the President proposes cutting EPA's federal Chesapeake Bay Program from $73 M to $0, and drastically curtailing NOAA, these may seem like far away abstractions. They're not.

At Elizabeth River Project, we've only been able to make world-class progress by pairing federal grants from these agencies with local support, including yours. That's how your membership has stretched far enough to turn around the health of an urban river once thought dead. 

In fact, without EPA (through grants competitively issued by National Fish & Wildlife Foundation & others) and NOAA (funding oyster restoration and student education initiatives through B-Wet and Environmental Literacy grants), our budget would suddenly plummet.

We don't often write to you about national issues, usually letting others lobby while we keep our boots in the field. This time, the potential ramifications from DC would be too extraordinary to stay on the sidelines, not only here on the Elizabeth but for environmental efforts around the country. 

Please let your Congressional representatives know you care. Let them know the administration's proposed cuts would hit home and hit deep. Urge level funding for EPA and NOAA. Our friends at Chesapeake Bay Foundation have made it easy to look up the phone numbers: 

 Find Your Legislator

Read more in The Washington Post: 

Trump Cuts Budget for EPA's Chesapeake Bay Program 


P.S. - Congressmen Bobby Scott & Scott Taylor and Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner deserve your thanks for getting started by already signing letters in support of federal Bay funding.