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Elizabeth River Bird Blog by David Gibson

I'm helping out with the Elizabeth River Project preschool field trips being held at Norfolk Botanical Gardens in Norfolk, VA. This photo shows me showing the children the recorder that I often take into the field. The kids were generally fascinated with my birding 'tools': binocs, bird call, field guide, recorder. A number of them, though, thought my binocs were 'goggles'. A teachable moment indeed. On one of our bird trips, one child consoled another as we walked through the woods looking... Read More
I've begun to make a case for bird watching. Birds are beautiful, they capture the imagination, one can enjoy the hobby alone or with others, etc., etc. Let me add, if I may, one more reason to go birding. (I'll add more reasons as time goes on.) Birding is downright exciting. You never know what you might come across!  Along those lines, here's something I shared with a friend--and fellow birder--recently. As we're well into the 2018 baseball season, I thought this would be a fitting... Read More
Blog #2--finally! I was traveling, am home now, and am raring to go. I'd like to start things off by sharing with you two statements that really got my attention. The first was made by famous biologist and conservationist Thomas Lovejoy: "If you take care of the birds, you take care of most of the big problems of the world." Intriguing statement. The second was made by novelist Jonathan Franzen in his recent National Geographic article entitled "Why Birds Matter and Are Worth Protecting": "They... Read More
Birding is a great hobby for a whole host of reasons. Two reasons come right to mind. Birds are beautiful, especially in flight, and they capture the imagination. Birds inspire. Birding is a hobby you can pursue alone. You don't need a team, group, spouse or friend. We all need hobbies we can work on alone. I'm also focusing on birds and promoting birding because people who become interested in birds generally become interested in other forms of wildlife, wildlife habitat, the broader... Read More