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Avoid Single Use Plastics


The weight of plastics in the oceans could equal that of fish by 2050 if current litter trends continue, estimates the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Do your part – when practical, avoid single-use plastics or those that are used one time before being thrown away or recycled, such as plastic straws, bags and water bottles. Re-usable alternatives are readily available for bottles and bags and are becoming more available for straws (but think twice – do you really need that straw or bag?)

River life is endangered when sun, wind, waves and heat break plastics into pieces that look like food to marine life. Fish, shellfish, plankton, turtles and birds can choke or starve after ingesting these plastics. Free-floating chemicals can adhere to these surfaces and pose further risks.


What You Can Do:

Use alternatives such as reusable water bottles, reusable shopping bags and stainless-steel or paper straws.

Please do not litter – Help keep your home River clean!

Support local businesses that have committed to eco-friendly alternatives.


Additional Resources:

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