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Batten Endowment Challenge

Batten Endowment  ChallengeBatten Endowment Challenge
of The Hampton Roads Community Foundation

Help us achieve long-term stability for keeping your home river clean! The Elizabeth River Project is the proud recipient of $1 million to start our first endowment - and we have the opportunity to DOUBLE this generous gift – with your support.
The first $1 million has been funded by the Batten Endowment Challenge of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation, through the generosity of philanthropist Jane Batten. Even more promising for restoring theElizabeth River, the foundation will match up to $500,000 in additional gifts dollar-for-dollar for five years…. So that the fund could turn into $2 million by the end of the challenge.
“That would be super-huge in terms of the restoration and education work we would be able to achieve,” says Marjorie Mayfield Jackson, Executive Director. “The need is super-huge, too, when you are working to turn around the health of an urban river once presumed dead.”
How endowments work: The donor's gift, or "principal," is not spent except in unusual conditions. Instead, funds are invested and the organization receives periodic disbursements from interest earned. This provides a longterm source of funds not subject to the vagaries of fundraising.
Click donate to double your dollar through this exciting challenge. Donate directly to the Elizabeth River Project and earmark your donation for the Batten Endowment Challenge. We will forward your generous gift to the foundation, where it will start earning matching funds. Each year, Elizabeth River Project will have the opportunity to spend disbursements from the endowment on projects that need it the most.Two Ways to Give

Two Ways to Give

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Or you may mail a check to:

The Elizabeth River Project
Batten Endowment Challenge
Admirals Landing

475 Water Street, Suite 103A
Portsmouth, VA  23704

 For additional information, please contact Marjorie Mayfield Jackson, at 757-399-7487 or