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Eastern Branch Restoration

New Focus: Eastern Branch

Stakeholders helped us set a new plan for restoring the Eastern Branch, one of the river’s most polluted stretches.

Eastern Branch
Restoration Strategy

Eastern Branch














Recent Restoration: Tons of Shell to Host a Million Live Oysters

The Elizabeth River Project and many partners are restoring a new focus area on the Elizabeth, the Eastern Branch, which received way too many poor grades on the last river scorecard.

One of the biggest projects yet is a one acre oyster reef. Elizabeth River Project began construction on April 18 of the reef off-shore of Chesterfield Heights, a Norfolk community we’ve been working with intensively for several years.

Thanks to a grant from National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, we’re placing 1,000 tons of concrete covered by 300 tons of oyster shell to recreate oyster habitat. This fall, partner Chesapeake Bay Foundation will place one million live oysters on the reef and volunteers from Chesterfield Heights volunteers will add more habitat in the form of “oyster blocks.”

Many thanks to all our partners and sponsors!

For more information, contact Joe Rieger,, 757-392-7133.


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