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Lawn Makeover Application - Virginia Beach

Elizabeth River Project will provide a FREE soil test and consultation with a certified nutrient management planner to homeowners who make the Green Lawn Care Pledge. Homeowners with High-Risk Lawns will also receive a site-specific Urban nutrient Management plan. Fill in the application below to schedule your soil test and consultation.

Make the Green Lawn Care Pledge – Agree to the following lawn care practices to improve water quality beginning at your home -

  1. Consult with a local certified nutrient management planner to get a soil test.
  2. Use lawn care practices that increase soil quality (composting, aerating, dethatching).
  3. Do not apply fertilizer when grass is dormant.
  4. Use slow release nitrogen fertilizer.
  5. Do not apply fertilizer within 20 feet of a water feature.

For more information on the Green Lawn Care Pledge, visit the Chesapeake Bay Program Fact Sheet on Urban Nutrient Management here.