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From Rover to River - no poop left behind!
Scoop the Poop!

Did you know that pet waste is one of the top causes of harmful bacteria in our local rivers?

Thanks to everyone who pledged to scoop the poop! Keep scooping!

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Elizabeth River Osprey
Elizabeth River Osprey

Not-so-silent spring, Elizabeth River osprey announce their comeback

After spending the winter months in South America, osprey pairs return to their nesting sites.  Their high-pitched, whistling calls become the song of the River, ushering in the spring and a bustle of life.  But, this has not always been the case here on the Elizabeth.  In 1995 when the Center for Conservation Biology (CCB) surveyed the entire Chesapeake Bay osprey population, the Elizabeth River supported just five breeding pairs

Volunteers had fun at Bioblitz!
Volunteers had fun at Bioblitz!

Volunteers had loads of fun while counting 201 species during our “Bioblitz” on June 28 at Paradise Creek Nature Park! Don’t miss the next activities!

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River Star Businesses
A big hooray for River Star Businesses!

These businesses were recognized on Jan. 22 for reducing pollution voluntarily by 312   million pounds since 1997! Results were celebrated at our annual recognition banquet, featured here by media sponsor Inside Business.

Thank you, 2015 "Stars."

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Elizabeth Makes the Grade! - Elizabeth River Project
Elizabeth Makes the Grade!

New scientific report says our river, once presumed dead, now rates a C. That’s HUGE progress!

Seahorse found! - The Lafayette Improves!
Lafayette Improves!

A long-awaited state report says the Lafayette branch of the Elizabeth is no longer “impaired” for bacteria. Now that’s a wonderful holiday gift for the many partners, donors and River Stars who brought us this far!

Elizabeth River Project shows the power of local action
Elizabeth River Project shows the power of local action


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
- Margaret Mead

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Summer Camps

The Learning Barge will be away for the summer for maintenance. But we have partnered with Norfolk Collegiate School for 2 GREAT SUMMER CAMPS!

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New Grant for a Park! - Elizabeth River Project
New Grant for Park!

Thank you, Hampton Roads Community Foundation, for $100,000 for Phase 2 amenities at our Paradise Creek Nature Park. Learn more about park HERE

Read more about the grant HERE.