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No Grease In Your Sink

Keep Grease Out of Sink Drains

When you pour cooking oil, grease or fat down the kitchen sink, you may be causing river pollution without knowing it! Grease is one of the top causes of clogged sewer systems, leading to sewer overflows and the potential for raw sewage to wash into the river when it rains. An overflow is the unintentional release of sewage from a collection system before it enters a treatment facility. This sewage can contaminate groundwater and surface water, causing serious water quality problems and threatening drinking water supplies.

Overflows are unhealthy and destructive, causing damage to public and private lands. These backups can even leak out into your basement causing illness, property damage and foul odors left in your home or business. Overflows that get into surface water can infect waters with viruses, bacteria, worms and protozoa, making water unsafe for swimming and fishing.

Keep fats, oil and grease (FOG) out of sink drains. When they are dumped down the drain, they congeal when they reach cooler water. This clogs sanitary sewer lines. FOG is also a problem in clogging lines and filters at your Waste Water Treatment Plant. Flushing your sink with hot water and dish soap DOES NOT help.What You Can Do

  • To properly dispose of these materials, allow them to cool; then, put them in a closed container in the trash.
  • Also watch for sewer overflows in your neighborhood. If you see one, REPORT it so that the overflow can be corrected as soon as possible, using the resource numbers at right.