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Organic Lawn Care & Makeovers

Funding available for your organic lawn makeover!

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Enjoy these Beautiful Green Benefits:

  • Create your most beautiful lawn ever - while helping restore the Elizabeth River.
  • Reduce pollution and help prevent algae blooms
  • FREE advice on how to sustain a healthy lawn without chemicals
  • Analysis of your soil sample - $10 each to cover the lab fee

Schedule your soil test! A River Star Homes representative will visit your home to show you how to take accurate soil samples and give a FREE evaluation on how you can have your healthiest lawn ever without harmful chemicals. You may even qualify for funding to help with aeration and top-dressing with organic compost -- a great way to jump start a beautiful, river-friendly lawn.

Here's what your neighbors are saying:

"All of their recommendations made sense and will only enhance my yard and help the river."
– Tom Clayton, Norfolk, on his lawn makeover follow-up appointment. 

“Healthy and exquisite”
– Ellen Seilig, Norfolk, describing her lawn after she learned from River Star Homes about natural lawn care.

“The best lawn we’ve ever had”
– Chuck Beers, Norfolk, after participating in River Star Homes lawn makeover.