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We are gratefully adopting
the protocol of the
River Otter Ecology Project.

An OTTER SPOTTER is YOU, a citizen who observes river otters in your neighborhood surrounding the Elizabeth River! We ask that you submit your information to the Elizabeth River Project.

OTTER SPOTTERS collect Videos and/or images plus some observational data. Check out the submission form below for the type of data we are seeking, and if you made an observation record it with us! Fill out the form and email your videos and pictures larger than 10MB to



Click here for OTTER SPOTTER etiquette & safety in the field

OTTER SPOTTER Submission Form


Here are just a few of our Elizabeth River Otters!


Please provide street address, city, river branch and any landmarks near your otter sighting.
Please select all that apply.
Please describe.
Files must be less than 10 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png avi mov mp3 ogg wav mp4 wmv.