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LOTS of goo is going - more than 10 million pounds!

Thanks to pioneer efforts of the Living River Trust.

Pioneer technology will be used to clean up more than 10 million pounds of PCB contamination in the bottom of Paradise Creek, thanks to a nearly $6 million project launched Sept. 30 by our sister non-profit, the Living River Trust, with contracted project management by ERP.

Cleaning up contamination in the bottom of the Elizabeth is our highest priority: "The goo must go!" Here, new technology borrowed from Mirror Lake in Delaware involves placing tiny pellets of "activated carbon," a purifier, in the Portsmouth creek by small boat. The purpose will be to isolate PCBs, a chemical compound once used in transformers and known to cause cancer. In addition, for areas with the highest levels of contamination, about 10 million pounds will be removed by dredging and replaced with clean sand. 

"It feels really rewarding to be able to restore another portion of the Elizabeth River bottom," says Dave Koubsky, project manager for Elizabeth River Project and the Trust. (Note: There is no known contamination at Paradise Creek Nature Park and none of these efforts will take place there. See project area here.)

With funding from the Hampton Roads Connector Partners to offset impacts from construction of new tunnel facilities as well as from a Norfolk Southern project to mitigate a dock improvement, this "goo" project should be finished in about a year.  

The Living River Trust is dedicated to restoring the bottomlands and preserving the uplands of the Elizabeth River. Thanks, partners! Questions?