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Knitting Mill Creek RFP

Request for Proposal

Environmental Consultant to Provide Watershed Analysis of Stormwater Challenges and Green Infrastructure Solutions for Knitting Mill Creek,  Norfolk, Virginia

May 26, 2021


The not-for-profit Elizabeth River Project seeks proposals for environmental engineering consultation to provide watershed analysis and green infrastructure solutions in Norfolk, Virginia. The watershed analysis and green infrastructure solutions are aimed at restoring the health of Knitting Mill Creek subwatershed, a tributary of the Lafayette River. Knitting Mill Creek is a half-mile tributary located on one of Norfolk’s busiest commercial corridors, and is flanked by residential neighborhoods experiencing extreme erosion. The goal of the subwatershed analysis and potential green infrastructure solutions is to improve water quality, mitigate issues associated with flooding, enhance stormwater management, and reduce the erosion of shorelines within the subwatershed.

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