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Top 5 River Wishes for 2019: Your Year-End Gift Could Make the Difference

Keep the momemtum going for these "Top 5 River Wishes in 2019" with your special year-end gift.

Keep the momentum going for our

"Top 5 River Wishes in 2019" with your special year-end gift.


1. Make the Eastern Branch healthy again. Dubbed the "Forgotten Branch," the Eastern Branch had the worst health in the last river scorecard. Your help in 2019 will help us continue to shine light on this branch and work toward improved health scores. 

2. Clean the next hot spot on the Elizabeth's bottom. Your year-end gift helps support the next phase of "the Goo must go!" to address areas of contaminated river bottom that have been associated with cancer in fish.

3. Prepare 10,000 children to be resilient as they inherit rising seas. Your year-end gift teaches hope and inspires innovative action aboard the Learning Barge and at Paradise Creek Nature Park.

4. Expand on-the-ground assistance for River Star Homes to all four river cities. Your support will help make it possible to expand residential restoration projects to Norfolk, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, and Portsmouth.

5. Spot your favorite river critter in 2019. Do you long to see one of the returning river otters, or is it the seahorse that's your favorite? Whoever it is that captures your fancy, here's hoping you catch a glimpse during a 2019 full of rebounding river life.

Be part of the historic progress happening right here on your Elizabeth River and make these river wishes come true with your special year-end gift.


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