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Volunteers: Help Install a Living Shoreline!

Individual or group volunteers!

Help the Elizabeth River Project revitalize Indian River by constructing a 670-foot living shoreline with 777 oyster castles, 60 coir logs, sand, and over 2,000 native wetland plant grasses to protect the site from erosion, prevent sediment pollution, and create habitat.

3800 Rivercrest Place, Chesapeake, VA (off Indian River Road)

Wednesday, June 6 from 8am-Noon

Thursday,  June 7 from 8am-1pm

Friday, June 8 from 9am-2pm

Monday, June 11 from 11am-4pm

Tuesday, June 12 from Noon-5pm

Wednesday, June 13 from 1pm-5pm

Monday, June 18 from 8am-10am

Tuesday, June 19 from 8am-11am

Wednesday, June 20 from 8am-Noon


Registration is required - Email or call Grace Saunders: or 757-399-7487

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