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We Need Our River. Our River Needs Us.​

Pelicans, once nearly extinct on the river, are back. So are the osprey, dolphin, bald eagles and dozens of other species. But now that they’re here, they need a cleaner, healthier river more than ever. Since 1993, generous supporters like you have helped us restore one the nation’s most polluted rivers. But we still have miles to go. With every major clean-up and habitat restoration we’ve accomplished, the wildlife has followed. That means they need YOU more than ever. Do Something Beautiful. Donate to the Elizabeth River Project today.

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It's In Our Nature

What We’re Doing

Through education and restoration, we’re reversing years of pollution and restoring the beautiful Elizabeth River.

What People Are Doing​

From becoming River Star Homes to volunteering and donating, people are taking the river’s health into their own hands.

What Businesses Are Doing​

Our proud River Star Businesses have joined the effort to do the right thing for the Elizabeth River.

What Cities Are Doing

From pollution control to wetlands restoration, cities are working to keep our hometown river clean.

Project Updates

Louis & Pru Ryan Resilience Lab

Coming 2023

The 2022 Watershed Action Plan

A clean river is in your hands

Wear Something Beautiful

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What your money can do

Latest News

Keep up to date with everything that we’re doing to help the Elizabeth River.

“From my perspective, there’s been a dramatic change in how people perceive the river and how much they care about it. People are enthralled with it. They never tell me it’s dead anymore. They just want to know what they can do to help.”

– Marjorie Mayfield

Do something beautiful. Become a volunteer and help restore our river.