More than 6,600 River Star Homes Do Something Beautiful right at home every day. They all pledge to take 7 simple steps to make the River cleaner, while many add backyard rain barrels, living shorelines and more to make their home landscapes even more river friendly. It’s fun, free and easy to join, and when you do, we’ll give you a beautiful flag for your yard, a welcome packet and more. Do Something Beautiful and sign up today!

The River Star Home Pledge

  1. Scoop the Dog Poop
    • Keep harmful nutrients and fecal coliform bacteria from washing into the river when it rains.
  2. Reduce Lawn Fertilizers
    • Excess amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus create algae blooms that reduce dissolved oxygen in the water marine life needs
  3. Keep Pollutants Out of Storm Drains
    • Motor oil, antifreeze, soaps and other pollutants flow directly into the river without being treated. 
  4. No Grease in the Sink
    • Grease is one of the top causes of clogged sewer systems, leading to sewer overflows and the potential for raw sewage to wash into the river when it rains
  5. Don’t Feed the Geese
    • Feeding the geese and ducks discourages migration and sends excess levels of unrated fecal bacteria directly into the river.
  6. Avoid Single-Use Plastics
    • Plastic pollution increases our flood risk and causes damage to marine ecosystems as well as shipping, transport and recreational vessels.
  7. Don’t Flush Medicine
    • Municipal sewage treatment plants can’t fully break down flushed medicines, which harm aquatic organisms and wildlife when they enter the river.

Our 2023 River Star Homes kept pollution from entering the river

115.18k lbs
150.6 lbs

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Beautiful Funding Opportunities

What can you do to heal the river at home? A boatload. Invest in some of these river-friendly solutions and we’ll kick in some cash!

“The passion and dedication of the Elizabeth River Project team are second to none. They really put their heart and souls into their projects.”

Lisa Parrish

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