Free Tree Program

Receive A Free Tree Courtesy Of The Elizabeth River Project!

  • Get A Native Tree Delivered To Your Home
  • Enhance your Property 
  • Provide Food and Habitat for Local Birds and Pollinators

Native Trees (Availability Varies)

  • River Birch, Betula nigra
  • Eastern Redbud, Cercis canadensis
  • Downy Serviceberry, Amelanchier arborea
  • American Fringetree, Chionanths virginicus
  • Sourwood, Oxydendrum

Free Tree Application

Are you a River Star Home?(Required)
Do you have open space on your property to fit for a small canopy tree (between 10 and 30 ft. at maturity)?(Required)
What species of tree do you prefer (If available)?(Required)

For more information please contact us: 757-399-7487,