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River Star Homes

Help Restore Our River,

Make Your Home a River Star!


Over 5,000 River Star Homes are working each day to make the Elizabeth River a cleaner place. 

It's free & easy for everyone who lives in the Elizabeth River area! You'll receive a beautiful yard flag, welcome packet, and information on special events and opportunities when you agree to do these 7 simple things (click each step for more info):

  1. “Scoop the Dog Poop”
  2. Reduce Lawn Fertilizers
  3. Only Rain in the Storm Drain
  4. No Grease in Your Sink
  5. Help Geese Migrate – Don’t Feed Them
  6. Avoid Single-Use Plastics
  7. Don’t Flush Medicines

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Special Opportunities for River Star Homes in Norfolk, Chesapeake & Eastern Branch area of Virginia Beach

SAVE OVER $200 A YEAR with your super-size Rain Barrel.
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Get your best lawn ever. FREE Advice!
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FUNDING Available – Beautify Your Shore!
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Rain Garden Application - $2000 for the right yard
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YES! I want to be a River Star Home!

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Not in the the Elizabeth River Area?

The organizations below may be what you're looking for.

Norfolk near the Chesapeake Bay (Ocean View & nearby)
Bay Star Homes,, 757-823-4007

Virginia Beach near the Lynnhaven River
Pearl Homes,, 757-962-5398

James River Watershed, James River Association

River Hero Homes,, (804) 788-8811

James City County - Stormwater Div.
Clean Water Heritage,,757-259-1460

All Other Areas in Hampton Roads
Bay Star Homes,, 757-420-8300