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Elizabeth River Project Girl Scout Badge

Elizabeth River Project Girl Scout Badge

Discover, connect and take action as you explore and learn about the Elizabeth River a tidal estuary of the Chesapeake Bay. Discover the river’s history and how it has changed over time and YOUR role in helping make the river’s restoration a reality. From Daisy to Ambassador – all can earn this badge. Badge requirements include virtual online education and visiting Paradise Creek Nature Park, the Dominion Energy Learning Barge or a Virtual Visit with Princess Elizabeth.

Resource Details

Main Topic: 
Reduce Carbon Footprint
An Elizabeth River Project Resource
Local Resource
Capture & Reuse Rainwater
Chesapeake Bay Watershed
Flooding Prevention
Renewable Resources/Energy Conservation
Water Quality & Pollution
Resource Type: 
Educational Programs
Student Action Plan
Grade Level: 
Elementary School
Middle School
High School

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