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Living Shorelines & Shoreline Buffers

Beautify & Protect Your Shoreline

Elizabeth River Project will pay 50% of the cost (up to $4,000 for a living shoreline or up to $1,500 for a shoreline buffer) for your next shoreline project!

Special funding opportunity currently available for waterfront River Star Homes in Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth and the Eastern Branch area of Virginia Beach.

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Shoreline Planting Benefits:

  • Reduce polluted runoff from your yard
  • Prevent erosion and land loss
  • Attract butterflies and songbirds with beautiful, salt-tolerant native flowers and shrubs
  • Discourage geese from entering your yard

Funds to Beautify Your Shoreline

Our experts will meet with you to discuss the design and native plants that will be implemented.  Our experts will also complete any necessary permitting needs for the project so you do not have to! Project design cost is $100, which is then applied to your total cost share when project is completed.

Homeowners must commit to plant at least 60 linear feet of your shoreline with native grasses, flowers, shrubs, and trees.

Enjoy this media coverage:

Living shoreline is answer to stop erosion on this waterfront property – The Virginian Pilot: Click here

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Project made possible by funding from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation - Chesapeake Bay Innovative Nutrient and Sediment Reduction Grant, City of Norfolk, and City of Chesapeake.

We are so glad for your interest...

...and so delighted that our projects are becoming so popular!

Right now we are in full swing with spring and summer projects. Please complete your application now to get in the queue. Based on current demand, you can expect us to contact you within four to five weeks of receiving your application to get you started with your exciting project.

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