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American elm the focus of new Paradise Creek project
Governor Hails Newest Oyster Milestone

Gov. Ralph Northam boarded our Dominion Energy Learning Barge to celebrate this latest great news and announce $10 million in his state budget for oyster restoration Virginia-wide. 

Forest School for Kids Also Offers De-Stressing for Parents
Norfolk Rebel to "race" for Liz in this unusual version of the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race

Will you help us "crew" in this race?

Norfolk Neighbors Pitch in to Donate Kayaks to Restore Elizabeth River

by Geena Arevalo, WAVY

"A Norfolk neighborhood is coming together to give back to the Elizabeth River" 

Reports of Fish Die off on Lafayette Branch

Thank you to those who have recently reported fish kills in Knitting Mill Creek. We have multiple agencies working to pinpoint and correct potential causes. Stand by! Reminder that heavy rains send excess fertilizer and other pollutants straight to the river; thank you for doing your part to reduce pollution as a River Star Home.

We've just announced our Next Wave campaign!

The Next Wave will accelerate the Elizabeth River Project's mission river-wide to restore a healthy river.

Proactively and Being Supportive of Good Health
Our offices are closed but we’re working!
For Education Robin Dunbar: 
Restoration Joe Rieger: 
River Star Homes Barbara Gavin: 
River Star Business Pam Boatwright: 
Director of finance Katherine Reader: 
Our Executive Direct Marjorie Mayfield Jackson: 
Inclusive action: A new commitment

People of color historically have borne a disproportionate burden of pollution around this nation, Elizabeth River Project's Executive Committee notes in a new commitment to more proactive action to address racial disparities.

We welcome your input and assistance as we develop the important action plan promised by the committee. Contact Executive Director Marjorie Mayfield Jackson,

Great Earth Day News - 500 Acres Conserved!

We salute our sister non-profit the Living River Trust for conserving 500 forested acres on the Southern Edge of the Elizabeth River ecosystem. 

North American river otters are playful furballs that live near ponds, streams, lakes and rivers. They can also be seen at zoos, including the Smithsonian’s National Zoo, above. River otters in the wild are a sign of clean water. (Ann Cameron Siegal)
Washington Post Touts Our Returning Otters!

By Ann Cameron Siegal

The Washington Post

"River Otters aren't just cute, they are a sign of hope for the environment"

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Youth Resilience Expo showcases student projects


The students at Butts Road Intermediate School in Chesapeake installed dog decoys to ward off geese on the school grounds, chickens ended up in the principal’s office of Maury High School in Norfolk...

Pilot Hails Mink in the River


The Virginian-Pilot's Vickie Shufer writes that mink are returning around the area including in the Elizabeth River. Read her artical here... 

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And thanks, river restoration donors and partners!

Great Bridge Intermediate receiving an award for being in the top 3 projects at Elizabeth River Project Youth Resilience Expo
Resilient River Star Schools Shine at Youth Resilience Expo

Congratulations to schools in the Elizabeth River watershed that showcased 17 student-led projects at the Elizabeth River Project's 2nd Annual Youth Resiliance Expo the last weekend, February 29, 2020.