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Marjorie Mayfield Jackson

Executive Director

Contact Marjorie for community partnership opportunities.

(757) 399-7487X211

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Pam Boatwright - Elizabeth River Project Deputy Director Administration

Pamela Boatwright

Deputy Director Administration, River Star Business Programs Manager

Contact Pamela for information on the River Stars Program for industries.

(757) 399-7487X207

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Joe Rieger - Elizabeth River Project Deputy Director of Restoration

Joe Rieger

Deputy Director of Restoration

Contact Joe for information on scientific studies and restoration projects including Money Point, the Lafayette River and Paradise Creek.

(757) 392-7133

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Robin Dunbar

Deputy Director of Education

Contact Robin for educational opportunities at Elizabeth River Project.

(757) 392-7132

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Barbara Gavin

River Star Homes Program Manager

Contact Barbara for River Star Homes and program questions.

(757) 399-7487X215

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David Koubsky - Elizabeth River Project Environmental Projects Manager

David Koubsky

Environmental Projects Manager

Contact David for information about the Paradise Creek Nature Park and Money Point construction projects.

(757) 399-7487X204

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Katherine Reader - Elizabeth River Project Bookkeeper

Katherine Reader

Accounts Manager

(757) 399-7487X210

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Casey Shaw - Elizabeth River Project Grassroots Coordinator

Casey Shaw

Grassroots Coordinator

Contact Casey for speaking engagements and volunteer opportunities.

(757) 372-4153

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Susan Smith

Director of Development and Communications

Contact Susan for sponsorship and membership opportunities.

(757) 399-7487X208

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Grace Saunders

Eastern Branch Lead Scientist

Contact Grace to join our efforts to restore the "lost branch" of the Elizabeth River.

(757) 399-7487

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Summer Brown

Learning Barge Co-manager

Contact Summer for your Learning Barge needs.

(757) 399-7487

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